Using Highest Quality Dental Implants In Cheshunt

The relationship between dental implant quality and a successful outcome.

There is no doubt that having dental implants placed is an invasive and reasonably expensive procedure, but one that is very well worthwhile.

Whilst this could deter some from having implants to replace a missing tooth, many of our Cheshunt patients have completed this treatment and are now benefitting from strong and healthy replacement teeth that may last for twenty years or more, but also require no special care other than regular cleaning, flossing and periodic professional checks.

The long term benefits of dental implants are excellent, and it is for this very reason that it is important to carry out the procedure with the best quality implants possible.

Our implant dentists

Naturally, one thing which should concern patients is to make sure that the implant dentist is fully trained and experienced. At The Lodge Dental Suite, you can be assured that our dental team are not only fully trained but also keep up to date with the latest developments in implant technology and undergo appropriate training where necessary.

Even nervous dental patients find that our friendly dentists help them to relax during the procedure and you can be assured that you will be in good hands during your time at our implant provider in Cheshunt.

Titanium implants

The key factor that determines a successful outcome to an implant procedure is the secure fusing of the bone structure and the implant itself. To date, the material that has been shown to do this most successfully is pure titanium. Patients who risk travelling abroad to have cheaper dental implants may find that they regret this at a later date when the implants become loose due to being of inferior quality; often a mixture of titanium and other metals.

Our Cheshunt dentists use only the best quality dental implants available, and that, along with the skills and experience of the dentist, means that a successful outcome is extremely likely.


Even with the best quality implants and skilled dentistry, dental implants can fail if they are not looked after. You will be given full advice on how to do this when you attend The Lodge Dental Suite for your appointment. Good general cleaning and inter-dental care are important and you may need to eat softer foods initially whilst the implants are undergoing the bonding process. However, once the implant and bone have integrated fully, you can resume a normal diet, including foods that tend to be incompatible with dentures and other teeth replacement methods.

If you have a tooth missing and have any questions or concerns about having dental implants placed, our team are always happy to help you and can be contacted at our Cheshunt dental practice on 01992 643388.