Missed Dental Appointments

Regular dental checks in Cheshunt help to keep teeth strong and healthy.

There may be occasions where a patient is unable to keep a dental appointment. For example, if you have a viral infection such as a cold or flu, it is obviously not hygienic or practical to carry out a dental inspection. In situations like this, we do understand and simply request that you call The Lodge Dental Suite to let us know as soon as you possibly can. By doing so, you may free an appointment slot for someone who is in severe pain and needs an emergency dental appointment.

Generally, we do ask that patients keep their dental appointments and avoid cancelling them unless absolutely necessary. Whilst the appointment may be for a routine dental check only, missing an appointment could have a negative impact on the health of your teeth.

Early detection

Six monthly dental checks enable us to detect any early signs of dental problems. What may result in a small and straightforward filling if detected in its early stages, could well lead to a larger filling, root canal treatment or even extraction if allowed to deteriorate. Even a small breakage which causes you no immediate trouble may break further or lead to an infection due to the protective enamel layer of the tooth being compromised.

Practical advice

In addition to any treatment that may be needed following a routine check, we may also make suggestions on how to improve your oral health care if we detect any warning signs whilst examining your teeth and gums. A common example of this is that we may notice some signs of redness of the gums, or even receding gums, and advise that you see the hygienist at our Cheshunt practice. By giving your teeth and gums a professional clean, any hardened bacteria (known as tartar or calculus) can be removed and your gum health relatively easily restored if the issue has not progressed.

It should be remembered that your gum health is important and failing to look after them can lead to a variety of issues including soreness, bleeding gums, bad breath and even, potentially, eventual tooth loss.

Make an appointment

We do understand that, for some patients, life can be very busy, sometimes juggling work with childcare responsibilities, and that periodically cancelling an appointment is necessary. Unfortunately, sometimes a missed appointment can mean that a replacement one is not made and some patients may go for a few years without coming in to see us. Even with the best teeth cleaning regimen and personal care, very few patients will be problem free when they finally return, and may well have problems that would not have arisen if they had maintained their regular appointments.

If you haven’t had a routine appointment for longer than six months and are looking for a Cheshunt dentist to register with, please call The Lodge Dental Suite today on 01992 643388.