Looking After Your Dental Implants

How to get your dental implants off to the best possible start.

Having dental implants placed is now widely considered to be the best approach to replacing those missing or lost teeth that would once have been replaced with dentures.

This is a decision that an increasing number of Lodge Dental Suite patients from Enfield and beyond are now taking.

The success of the procedure itself is, of course, in the hands of our professional dental implant team, but there are a number of factors which the patient themselves have an influence over which can determine the outcome too.

Cigarettes and Alcohol

To positively influence the outcome of an implant procedure, we always emphasise that our patients should desist from smoking altogether and also drinking alcohol to any extent for at least a short period of time either side of the procedure.

Whilst both smoking and alcohol play a negative role in your oral health at any time, this is especially so around the time when the dental implant is placed.

By continuing to drink and smoke, there is a significant increase in the risk of infections of the gums. Smoking especially can cause a slowdown in the healing process by restricting blood flow to the area.

Because the placement of dental implants is an invasive procedure, there does need to be a healing period afterwards and if this is lengthened, infections may occur which, ultimately, could threaten the implant itself.

Post implant care

Assuming that smoking and alcohol are stopped for the period requested by our local dentist near Enfield, you will certainly be off to a good start with your new dental implants.

Even so, care still needs to be taken, especially in the period soon after the implant has been placed. This is for your own comfort as well as for the health of the implants.

Although we obviously need to eat following the procedure, our choice of foods will make life much easier for us and for the implant.

Initially, we recommend that our dental implant patients follow a liquid diet, making use of milkshakes and liquid soups etc. It is advisable too, not to eat foods that are too hot or cold as the area is likely to be sensitive initially.

This approach should be maintained for a short while before softer foods such as mashed potatoes can be added.

My taking a cautious approach to your post implant aftercare, not only will any potential damage to the implants be avoided but you will feel more comfortable until such time as the implants have become more settled in the jawbone.

Naturally, you will need to re-attend our dental practice near Enfield to have your implants checked to ensure that all is going as it should be. Remember too that we are always here to answer any concerns that you may have about your new dental implant.