Dental Problems Caused By Odontophobia (Dental Fear)

Why nervous patients have more cavities and other dental problems.

It will come as no surprise to most, that patients who avoid dental visits due to their phobias are more likely to suffer from decay and cavities than those who attend a dental practice regularly.

Whilst it can be argued that some people who are afraid of the dentist may take better care of their teeth in order to avoid the need for treatment, this is not always the case, and, even with the best care in the world, cavities can occur. Whilst these may be initially minor, without appropriate treatment at our Cheshunt practice, this will inevitably worsen and require more extensive and potentially more costly treatment later on.

Friendly dentists

The reality is that nobody enjoys receiving invasive dental treatment. This is an additional reason to make sure that you keep your regular appointments so that we can keep any treatment needed to the minimum by detecting and treating problems in the early stages. We pride ourselves on having a friendly dental team that takes the time to make sure our patients are comfortable. A number of patients who have registered with us have commented about how much more relaxed they feel at The Lodge Dental Suite than with their previous dentist – comments we love to hear!

Modern dental practice

Our Cheshunt dental practice is not only presented in a way to help patients relax, but our surgeries are thoroughly clean and modern and equipped with the latest in dental technology. This helps us treat patients both quickly, efficiently and safely with the minimum of stress.


Where treatment is needed, we practice gentle dentistry at our Cheshunt practice. This means that we only perform the minimum amount of treatment necessary for a successful procedure and will leave as much of the natural tooth intact as is practical.

We will make sure that the local anaesthetic has taken full effect before commencing the procedure and our dentists will talk to you throughout, explaining what they are doing where possible. Should you feel any discomfort, you need simply to raise the hand on the opposite side of where the dentist is working and we will pause and discuss with you before proceeding.

Missed appointments

We do encourage all patients of The Lodge Dental Suite to attend their appointments as missing them can mean that more invasive treatment is needed next time that you come. We understand that there may be occasions, such as illnesses, where an appointment cannot be kept and simply ask you to let us know as soon as possible so that we can see another patient instead.

Whether you are a confident or nervous dental patient, we feel sure that you will find our local dental team to be friendly and welcoming. If you are not currently registered at a dental practice or wish to move to a new one, why not come and see what we can offer at our family friendly clinic in Cheshunt?

Please call our team today on 01992 643388.