Are Dentures Still A Good Option To Replace Lost Teeth?

The Lodge Dental Suite team offer thoughts on this traditional technique.

Although the first set of dentures, or false teeth as they are called by some, were first used around 700BC, they are still around today, albeit as a far more sophisticated product.

Despite the advent of dental implants, and bridges, both of which offer additional stability, dentures are still popular with many people as their first choice when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

In today’s blog, we take a brief look at modern dentures, and some of the reasons why many people still opt for this tooth replacement treatment.

Modern dentures

The dentures made in 700BC were made from either human or animal teeth and would degrade very quickly. Modern dentures are more sophisticated and come with artificial teeth typically made from acrylic on a plate, or base, made from either acrylic or metal. Whilst older style dentures were often noticeable as being artificial; modern dentures blend in well with the natural teeth and offer a greater degree of comfort and discretion than previously.

Why have dentures?

Although, at The Lodge Dental Suite, we do believe that dental implants offer the best method to replace missing teeth; dentures certainly do have a role to play for some of our Cheshunt dental patients, especially those who are anxious about having invasive surgery. The fact is that both implants and bridges require certain procedures to be carried out. In the case of implants, a hole has to be drilled into the jaw bone so that the implant can be placed, and, where a bridge is to be used, the adjacent teeth have to be shaped so that a crown can be fitted to support the bridge.

Dentures, on the other hand, usually require no dental surgery at all. They can be made from a simple impression of your teeth and are held in place by a clasp or denture adhesive, where necessary. This provides an alternative for very nervous dental patients who wish to avoid surgery.

Benefits of dentures

Aside from the fact that no surgery is required, dentures do offer patients the opportunity to have a functioning set of teeth, helping them to eat most foods with little difficulty. In addition to this, where a full set of dentures is required, these help to support the cheeks and lips which could otherwise sag and cause the patient to look older, and potentially cause problems with speech and eating.

The choice of tooth replacement methods can be discussed with our dental team, with the patient making the final choice from the information that we provide.

If you are missing teeth and live in Cheshunt or adjacent villages such as Cuffley or Hoddesdon, why not arrange a consultation to discuss your options? Please call us today on 01992 643388.