Why Cleaning Your Dentures Is Important

Dentures and gum health

Although there are alternatives to dentures in the form of bridges and dental implants, many patients of The Lodge Dental Suite still opt to have them to replace their missing teeth.

There are good reasons for this; a key one being that usually, no invasive dental procedure is necessary to have dentures fitted.

Once you’ve had your new dentures fitted, you will still need to take care of them with regular cleaning and our Cheshunt dentists have devised a checklist below to help you to do this effectively.

  1. Prepare the cleaning area by making sure that you have either a soft folded towel or a bowl of water over which to clean your dentures. This is to prevent any damage that might be caused, should you drop them.
  2. Give your dentures an initial brush to remove any trapped food particles. We would recommend that you use toothpaste for this, although, at this stage, mild soapy water would suffice.
  3. Soak your dentures using a fizzy denture cleaner. This both helps to remove any staining and will leave your dentures feeling fresh. Always read the label of your cleaner so that you know how long to soak them for. Do not use hot or warm water to soak your dentures as this may cause them to warp and not fit correctly.
  4. Finally, give your dentures a final brushing using toothpaste and your regular toothbrush.

Healthy gums

Cleaning your dentures is just half the story, albeit a necessary half. Equally important is that you do not neglect your gums, including in the areas where your dentures usually fit. Whether you have teeth or not in a particular area, gum disease is always an ever present threat.

Where you have teeth, you should both brush and use dental floss to remove bacteria from the teeth and gum line. Where no teeth are present, you should still brush your gums. In addition to preventing the soreness and bleeding that gingivitis can cause, bone damage can occur should early-stage gum disease develop and lead to periodontitis. This can cause the shape of your face to change slightly, causing your dentures to no longer fit correctly. Gradual bone loss is one of the main reasons why dentures start to move around in some patients after they have had them for a while.

By making sure that your gums and dentures are clean, and by visiting our Cheshunt dentist on a regular basis, you should find that your dentures are suitable for everyday use. However, if all of this seems to be too much effort, and you are interested in an alternative, why not arrange a consultation at The Lodge Dental Suite where we can discuss your suitability for dental implants? This modern tooth replacement system provides strong and stable artificial new teeth without all of the maintenance hassles of dentures.

We are always pleased to see patients, both old and new from surrounding areas such as Goffs Oak, Hoddeson and Cuffley, and you can reach us by calling us on 01992 643388.