Don’t Risk Your Teeth & Gums By Brushing Too Hard

Brushing your teeth hard will not make them whiter and may result in damage.

Very occasionally we hear patients say that they are surprised that their teeth are dull in colour as they brush them so well. Of course, this won’t really help how white their teeth are and very often can lead to damage if brushing is too hard.

Receding gums and damaged enamel are two common results of brushing your teeth too hard, particularly where only a gentle circular motion is all that is required.

So if you can’t brush your teeth whiter then, what are the best options?

Professional clean

Where the surface enamel is stained to the point that regular brushing will not remove it, a professional clean with our hygienist is an excellent starting point. In addition to this, regular hygienist appointments are essential to fight gum disease. Whilst a ‘scale and polish’ won’t improve the natural whiteness of your teeth, it will help to remove surface staining.

Teeth whitening

If you are an older patient, there is every likelihood that the discolouration of your teeth is not caused solely by surface staining but by a darkening of the soft inner part of the tooth. This is something that happens naturally with age and can’t really be avoided. There are also many people who are born with darker teeth but this can also be helped.

Here at The Lodge Dental Suite, we offer our patients an effective teeth whitening procedure, either in the practice or at home. Both of these procedures will lighten the inner part of the tooth, leaving your teeth looking up to eight shades whiter. The choice of which type of whitening procedure to use will largely depend on your lifestyle and which is most convenient to you.

Our in house whitening treatment can be performed in the practice in just one hour, but, for those who prefer to carry out the treatment at home, custom home whitening kits are available which are worn for just a few hours a day at a time to suit yourself and will show similar results to the in house treatment in just a couple of weeks. Whichever treatment you prefer, you can be sure that it will be both effective and safe. Dental veneers are also available for patients whose teeth are more badly stained or have minor surface damage.

Teeth whitening is only legal when performed by qualified dental professionals to ensure safe and effective results. You can be sure that our Cheshunt dental team will take good care of you and appointments can be made by calling us on 01992 643388.