Keeping Your Mouth Healthy

Regular oral health care is key to healthy living.

When you consider what our mouth has to go through on a daily basis, it is perhaps not surprising that it is considered necessary to have its own dedicated clinicians; i.e. dentists.

Almost from the moment we awake, right through to going to sleep, and actually during it, our mouth is incredibly busy; eating, drinking, talking and even breathing.

More than just teeth

Whilst, when we think of dental care as being about the condition of our teeth; at the Lodge Dental Suite, when we examine our patient’s mouths, we also check the gums and other soft tissue areas too.

In fact, whilst many patients that visit us from our own neighborhood and other local areas like Waltham Cross are aware of any damage to their teeth when they visit us, they are often less aware of problems that have arisen with their gums and even their tongue. Both of these are important and can have other health implications too.

Gum disease

Gum disease is one of the most common things that we detect during a general check up.

Providing that these check ups are regular, any cases of gum disease are likely to be relatively minor. Where this is the case, a simple improvement in cleaning your teeth may be sufficient and we can help with guidance about flossing for example.

Where plaque has started to form, this will be removed using a simple scale and polish procedure to help prevent gingivitis or periodontitis from forming.

Oral cancers

Whilst not one of the more common cancers; oral cancer is a reality, and especially for those in high risk groups such as smokers and heavy drinkers.

During your examination, we will look for potential indicators of oral cancers such as soreness, bleeding or irregular markings of the tongue.

We must state here that, as dentists, whilst we are trained to look for potential signs of oral cancer, we are are not qualified to actually diagnose specifically. Therefore patients should not take our recommendation that they see a doctor as definite and more of a precaution. In many cases, these indications will prove to be something else, but it’s certainly better to check to be sure so that any treatment can be carried out as soon as possible.

Health Links

With many studies now indicating the links between having a healthy mouth and general good health, regular check ups are more important than ever.

If you live in the Waltham Cross area and have fallen out of a pattern of regular professional dental care, we are happy to take on new patients and would love to see you.

Please call the Lodge Dental Suite today on 01992 643 388 and talk to our friendly and experienced team.