When Botox Goes Wrong (and why you shouldn’t worry)….

Why have some celebrities had facial treatments that went badly wrong?

If you mentioned the word ‘Botox’ to a random person in the street, it is likely that they would tell you about some famous person who had been left with very large lips, or a face that seemed to be totally expressionless. This is not an uncommon reaction and also not surprising as the press seem to delight in celebrity misfortunes.

Unfortunately, these outcomes have, for some people, given facial aesthetic treatments an undeservedly bad name. So in today’s blog, we look at why these outcomes may have occurred and why you need not worry about Botox and Dermal fillers when treated by experienced clinicians.

Why the ‘trout pout’’?

There can be a number of reasons why some celebrities have had procedures that have resulted in these sometimes strange looking outcomes. Some actually seemed to approve of the extreme results which may seem odd to the rest of us, but each to their own we guess! Some people may also become addicted to having treatments such as these, making them more exaggerated each time. These are very rare cases though, and most outcomes were most probably not as expected.

Some people perhaps underestimate the results of the procedure and are happy to push the outcome just a little more than they perhaps should. This is quite possibly the reason for the ‘trout pout’ as it has become known, where lips are over exaggerated.  With an obvious facial feature such as the lips, a small change in their appearance can make a noticeable difference and it is wise to listen to the expertise of the facial aesthetics practitioner before leaping into any form of treatment.

Finally, there are always, sadly, a few practitioners that are happy to perform any procedure that is asked of them if the money is right. Some may also lack the expertise needed to perform these procedures and the results can go horribly wrong.

So is it safe?

The simple answer as to whether you will end up looking like some of the negative ‘post Botox’ images you may have seen is ‘no’, providing that you follow the professional guidance that we will give you when you attend The Lodge Dental Suite for facial aesthetics treatments.

Our Cheshunt based team are fully trained and are experienced in the administration of these treatments and there is no risk of any significance that you will end up with distorted facial features. We will refuse to treat anyone who we feel is requesting a treatment that is either dangerous or beyond what we feel is acceptable.

Our treatments rooms are clean and hygienic in order to minimise any risk of infection, and we always start facial treatments with a discussion on your health and lifestyle in order to ascertain if there might be any risks. For example, pregnancy, breast feeding and certain medical conditions may affect your ability to have Botox or Dermal fillers at our Cheshunt practice.

If you live in the Cheshunt, Broxbourne or Hoddesdon areas and would like to improve your facial features, you can be absolutely sure that you are in safe hands at The Lodge Dental Suite. To arrange your initial facial aesthetics consultation with us, please call us on 01992 643388.