Dental Phobia Can Start From A Young Age

The importance of early years care at your Cheshunt children’s dentist.

Dental phobia is relatively common and it is probably fair to say that we look forward to seeing our patients, more than some look forward to seeing us!

Even a simple check up can cause some people to become anxious before their dental visit. You can though, be sure that The Lodge Dental Suite team will do all that they can to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Although some people’s anxieties may arise from a bad experience with a previous dentist, it is now thought that it can often stem from early childhood, especially if the child has not seen a dentist and become accustomed early on.

Early visits

We encourage our local patients who are parents, to bring their children to us from around one year old. It is very unlikely that they will need any treatment at this age, but it does help them to become accustomed to the dental practice environment with all of its unusual smells and sounds.

Building up this familiarity from an early age should help to prevent, or at least ease, any anxiety about visiting the dentist as they grow up. This will hopefully help them to have any treatment that is needed, rather than letting a problem become more serious through neglect.


As well as visiting the dentist, we also encourage parents to take their children to see our friendly dental hygienist. This need not be at such a young age and we would suggest from around the age that they start school and begin to develop. Our hygienist will, through the use of child friendly material, help your child to understand the importance of keeping teeth healthy and how best to do this.  We do still suggest that you supervise your children whilst brushing their teeth though, for, as any parents knows, children are easily distracted and may not brush them as well as they should, even if they know better!

It should be noted too, that even children can suffer from gum disease, and the hygienist will be able to clean the teeth and gum line to help prevent any serious problems arising.

We are sure that you will find our team to be both friendly and welcoming to children and adults alike. A healthy mouth with an attractive smile is something that is well worth maintaining and taking good care of our teeth from an early age certainly helps us to achieve this.

If you would like to bring your child to our Cheshunt dental practice for an appointment, or to make one for yourself, please call The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643 388.