Surface Staining And Stubborn Discolouration Of Teeth

Whiten them safely and effectively at our Cheshunt dental practice.

Stained and discoloured teeth are one of the most common factors that detract from a patient’s smile.

Others, such as crooked teeth, can take longer to change, even with the fastest acting braces, but tooth discolouration can be rectified in the space of just one hour.

There are two different types of tooth discolouration; surface staining caused by substances such as tar (from smoking) and inner discolouration, caused by general ageing which no-one can really avoid. At The Lodge Dental Suite, we offer two ways in which teeth can be whitened.

Dental hygienist

If you are unsure as to the main cause of the discolouration problem, you might like to visit our friendly dental hygienist as a first step. She will provide a thorough clean, using a high speed rotating brush, not only removing hardened tartar deposits but also removing surface staining. Indeed, whilst we generally recommend six monthly visits, some patients from Cheshunt and surrounding areas such as Broxbourne and Hoddesdon have this done more regularly as they find their teeth both look and feel better after treatment.

Zoom whitening

Whilst a professional clean is sufficient for some patients, more persistent surface staining, or where the inner parts of the teeth have darkened, can only be rectified with a professional teeth whitening procedure. Patients have a choice of a one hour whitening treatment that is performed at our dental practice, or a custom home whitening kit for those who prefer to whiten their teeth at home.

Both of these treatments use a safe bleaching agent which works by lightening the inner part of the tooth giving your teeth a whiter and brighter appearance. We have had many satisfied patients who have had this procedure, and, indeed, return to us for further treatment as the effects start to wear off after a number of months.

The best place to start to change and improve how your teeth look, is to book yourself an initial consultation with our Cheshunt cosmetic dentist. We will discuss both the at-home or in-house whitening treatments with you and talk you through the procedures in more detail in order to help you decide which option you wish to take. Both treatments offer very similar results and the choice usually comes down to personal preference.

If you would like to book your initial consultation with us, please call our team at The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643 388.