Missing A Front Tooth In Cheshunt? – Dental Implants Could Be The Answer

Both natural looking and secure, titanium implants offer a superior solution.

The distress caused by losing a front tooth can be significant. Whilst we can, to some extent, hide gaps in our teeth towards the rear of our mouth, doing so with missing front teeth is next to impossible.

Very few people will leave a gap in their front teeth for any length of time, with the majority seeking to replace the missing tooth as soon as they can. The question for patients of The Lodge Dental Suite then, is which method to use to replace it.

Pros and cons of dentures

There are pros and cons to all methods of tooth replacement. The most obvious replacement is a partial denture which offers three particular benefits. Firstly, modern dentures offer a realistic looking replacement tooth that can be matched to your own natural teeth. The second advantage is that they can be fitted reasonably quickly; as soon as the dentures have been made. Finally, dentures require no invasive treatment, making them popular with nervous patients.

The disadvantages of dentures is that they can have a tendency to be less secure than other methods and may move around in the mouth, sometimes at very embarrassing moments. They can also feel a little strange and may, in some cases, even affect speech a little.


A second solution is to have a dental bridge fitted. This does offer a more secure option than dentures but does mean that the teeth either side of the gap will have to be prepared in order to support the crowns that hold the replacement tooth in place. This is something that most people would want to avoid, but it does offer an option for some patients.

Dental implants

Generally, we recommend dental implants for our patients from Cheshunt, Hoddesdon and Broxbourne local areas who are missing teeth. As we have mentioned before, implants offer the strongest and longest lasting tooth replacement option currently available. Once fully integrated with the bone, and the crown attached, implants both look and feel natural and offer excellent replacement teeth.

One factor that does need to be considered when having an implant to replace a front tooth, is the time taken for the procedure. Even once the implant has been placed, there is a period of approximately three months before your dental crown is attached and this does mean that you will be left with a gap between the teeth during this time.

In general, we feel that this still offers the best long term solution for patients in this position. Certain factors though, such as an important upcoming social event may cause patients to consider alternative options. If you would like to discuss the pros and cons of dentures, bridges and implants in more detail with us, please contact The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643388.