Is It Worth Having My Teeth Straightened?

Answering this common dental question….

There can be a number of reasons for wanting to have your teeth straightened. The main one though, for patients of The Lodge Dental Suite, is usually  to have a nicer looking smile, and there is little doubt that straight and even teeth look more attractive than crooked and uneven ones.

How concerned a person is about any misalignment of their teeth may depend on both the extent of the problem, but also the person’s own priorities. Whilst we all like to look our best, it is quite possible that some people may not want to go to the ‘trouble’ of having their teeth straightened, especially if the problem is relatively minor. But should they?

Confident smile

It is not only our appearance that can be improved using modern braces to straighten teeth. The end result of wearing modern dental braces often means that we find our confidence is also improved. Subconsciously, many of us might hide our smile more if we know that our teeth are less than perfect, but with the use of appropriate orthodontics, we no longer have to do this.

A boost in confidence can benefit us in many ways, whether at work or in our social lives, and wearing a dental brace for a short period of time truly can transform our lives.

Fewer dental problems

Perhaps a less well-known fact about straight teeth is that they tend to suffer fewer dental problems. Whilst neglect of either straight or uneven teeth will lead to decay or gum disease, straight teeth are typically much easier to keep clean. Teeth that have overlapped, for example, can be very difficult to keep clean, even with dental floss, as bacteria and tiny food deposits easily find their way into the smallest of spaces.

In addition to this; if you have attractive teeth, it does help to motivate us to keep them in tip-top condition too.

No long wait

Especially where misalignment of teeth is relatively minor, modern orthodontics can often correct this in a very short period of time. Indeed, the Inman Aligner, which we provide at The Lodge Dental Suite, can correct some problems in as little as four weeks. Naturally, we would need to examine you thoroughly before advising a likely treatment time and this also enables us to decide which type of brace system would be most suitable for you.

If you have crooked teeth, live in Cheshunt or nearby Broxbourne, and are interested to see what we can do for you, why not call our Cheshunt dental practice today on 01992 643388 to arrange your initial orthodontic consultation.