Whiter Teeth.. For Longer..

Aftercare following your teeth whitening procedure.

Whilst there is much that we can do to help keep our teeth white whilst we are younger, as time goes on, the inner parts of our teeth start to naturally darken. This often leaves them with a yellow appearance with the only means of reversing it by having a teeth whitening procedure, available here at The Cheshunt Lodge Dental Suite.

Following this treatment, our Cheshunt and Enfield patients can expect many months of whiter and brighter teeth. In today’s blog, we look at how you can extend this period to keep those new white teeth nice and sparkly for longer!

Diet and lifestyle

General advice for keeping our teeth white also applies following a teeth whitening procedure. Smoking and the consumption of teeth staining foods and drinks e.g. coffee and red wine, should be avoided, or limited, to help prolong the whiteness of your teeth.


Whilst tooth whitening toothpastes are largely ineffective at whitening teeth to a noticeable extent, they could be useful for maintenance following a whitening procedure. The whitening ingredient in these is similar to that used by our Cheshunt cosmetic dentists and whilst the effect will be relatively minimal, every little bit may help in keeping your teeth whiter for a little bit longer.

Our professional help

Although you should expect many months of whiteness from your newly treated teeth, the help that we can give you does not end there. Our hygienist, as well as cleaning your teeth and gum lines of any hardened bacteria (tartar), can also remove some surface staining using a high speed brush.

A teeth whitening procedure can be performed time and again with no harm to your teeth, so once you feel that your teeth have darkened again, you can simply book a repeat treatment.

Our patients who have chosen our tailored home teeth whitening kit may also be able to ‘top up’ the whiteness of their teeth themselves. The whitening trays you have had made for you are yours to keep and can reduce the cost of future treatments. You should discuss this option with our cosmetic dentist who can suggest a treatment plan and provide the correct quantities of the whitening gel at the appropriate time. However, we strongly recommend that any whitening gels purchased should only be bought from our dental practice. Under no circumstances should these be bought over the internet. The risk of whether they would work or not is minimal compared to the potential risk to your teeth and gums.

For information about teeth whitening or any other cosmetic dental procedure that we offer, please call The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643388.