Visiting the Dentist is Not What it Used to Be

Lodge Dental offer a caring and up-to-date dental experience.

Those of us who are old enough will be able to remember what visits to the dentist used to be like.

The waiting room and surgery area were always cold and sterile looking places. The equipment used then looks almost barbaric compared to today’s modern dental equipment and the gas that was used when a tooth was being extracted would leave you feeling sick and woozy for a few hours afterwards.

Of course, the dentists themselves did the best that they could, using the resources available, but, for younger patients especially, or those with a fear of the dentist, they were places to avoid if at all possible.

Modern dental care

Luckily for our local patients, things have moved on a lot since then, and at The Lodge Dental Suite, a whole new experience is waiting for you.

From the moment that you enter the reception area, you will be greeted with a friendly smile. The waiting room too is warmly decorated and contains, we hope, sufficient entertainment to help ease any nerves whilst you wait for your appointment.

Our dental team too will take the time to communicate with you in a warm and friendly manner, and make a point of listening to and addressing any concerns that you may have about the procedure ahead.

We also offer a number of ‘distractions’ for nervous dental patients in the form of iPods with a wide range of music for you to listen to. DVD glasses are also available so that you can watch films during lengthier procedures.

Of course, your dental treatment always come first and we ensure that communication continues where needed during the procedure, in order to ensure a successful outcome.


It goes without saying that, as well as ensuring that our range of dental equipment is kept up to date and fit for purpose, our staff too are fully trained in the latest dental techniques.

Whether you are having a simple filling or one of our popular cosmetic dental procedures such as dental implants or porcelain veneers, you can be assured that the dentist performing the procedure will have had many years of high level training to ensure that you get the best results.

Payment plan

As you might expect, following your dental treatment, we continue with our patient care. To help patients spread the cost of their dental treatment into affordable sections, we offer an interest free payment plan to help you balance your budget.

If you live in Cheshunt or an adjacent town such as Waltham Cross or Waltham Abbey, and you are looking for a friendly dental practice, we are very happy to see you. Please call the Lodge Dental Suite today on 01992 643 388.