Four Advantages Of Dental Implants Over Dentures

Why our patients from Cheshunt and Hoddesdon are increasingly turning to dental implants.

As a popular Hertfordshire dental practice, we often see patients from various parts of the county. Whilst many people are happy to stay with their local dentist for general dental care, when it comes to a more sophisticated procedure, such as a dental implant placement, more and more people are prepared to travel some distance for an experienced implant dentist such as those working with Lodge Dental Suite.

For patients who currently wear dentures but feel that there must be a better solution out there, they are right! In today’s blog, we take a look at why we believe that dental implants offer a better solution for replacing missing teeth in the majority of cases.


One of the main complaints of denture wearers generally, is that they are not as comfortable or stable as they feel they should be. Whilst some think that this is due to poor quality dentures, this is not necessarily the case, and it is more likely that any movement is caused by facial shape changes as the bone in the jaw erodes due to tooth loss. When dental implants have been placed and fully fused with the bone, stability is assured, providing that you take good care of them.


Anyone with dentures will know how fiddly they are to keep clean, requiring removal on a regular basis. Many dentures are broken during cleaning which may leave a patient ‘toothless’ whilst they are repaired. Dental implants are far easier to keep clean. In fact, once they are properly established, all that you need to do is to brush and floss your implant as you would your natural teeth. Although the implant itself cannot decay, cleaning is still important in order to keep your mouth free of gum disease.


Whilst dentures can last for some time, they are likely to require maintenance which can be inconvenient and potentially costly. Providing that you take the correct care of your implants with good home care and regular checks at our Cheshunt dental practice, that is all the maintenance that should be needed during their lifespan. Your dental implants should be expected to last for twenty years, and quite possibly many more.

Dietary satisfaction

Even denture wearers who rarely suffer from moving dentures, often say that they feel limited, to some extent, as to which foods they are able to eat. Denture wearers tend to avoid more difficult to chew foods in case they simply can’t cope with them. Implants, on the other hand, can cope with any food that natural healthy teeth can.

These are just four reasons why we feel that dental implants are better than dentures but there are others too. We’ll are happy to answer any queries that you may have about them, and an implant consultation can be arranged by calling The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643 388.