A Broken Tooth In Cheshunt? What Are Your Options?

From restoration to replacement, The Lodge Dental Suite can provide the solution.

A broken tooth can happen to anyone, at any time. Whilst a healthy tooth is less likely to break under normal circumstances, a heavy fall or blow to the face can cause even the healthiest of teeth to break off.

If this happens to you in this manner, you should first of all make sure that there are no associated head injuries by getting yourself checked at the A&E, and then make an emergency dental appointment at our Cheshunt dental practice.

Each broken tooth will vary in the way it is broken, and also the extent. These factors, along with patient preference will help us to determine the best option for treatment of the broken tooth.


Dental bonding is an option where a breakage is very small. It is the most straightforward procedure for this purpose but is not the strongest. Any sizeable breakage where pressure will be put on a tooth may not be suitable for this procedure.


Depending on the area and type of break, it may be possible to restore the tooth using a dental filling. This can either be a standard amalgam one or a tooth coloured filling which will provide a more aesthetic appearance. An additional bonus of white teeth fillings is that, generally, less of the natural tooth has to be removed in order to place it.

Dental crown

Where a significant part of a tooth has broken away, one of the most common restorative methods used is a dental crown. These are often made from porcelain and are produced at a dental laboratory following an impression being taken of the shaped and prepared tooth. A temporary crown will be fitted during the waiting period, usually a week or two, and your new crown will be attached with a strong clinical adhesive upon its return. Dental crowns offer not only a great aesthetic way to restore a tooth, but are generally very strong and long lasting and are an excellent option.


Some breakages are so significant that a tooth simply can’t be saved. Others may be at that point where it might be possible, but that there is barely sufficient tooth left for a crown to be attached. Rather than take the chance that a crown would work, it may be better to simply remove the tooth and then discuss with the patient, one of the tooth replacement options available at The Lodge Dental Suite.

Modern comfortable dentures are a popular option, as are dental bridges. Many patients though are now choosing the longer term option of dental implants as these offer the strongest and most natural tooth replacement method available.

If you live in the Cheshunt, Enfield or Broxbourne area and break your tooth, don’t delay – please make an emergency dental appointment with us. We will treat the damaged tooth and put an treatment plan into place to restore it to a functional state.

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