Correcting Bite Problems

Orthodontic treatment with ‘invisible’ braces at our Cheshunt dental practice.

Whilst many patients have orthodontic treatment at The Lodge Dental Suite in order to give them a great looking smile, there is another reason why having straight teeth is very beneficial. In addition to making them easier to keep clean, straight and even teeth are important for a correct “bite”.

Whilst, on a day to day basis, having an incorrect bite may not be noticeable to the person concerned; it can cause a number of problems over a period of time. These include:

  • Aesthetics – As mentioned above, an incorrect bite, such as an over or underbite, can be detrimental to the way that you look.
  • Worn teeth – Teeth that do not meet correctly are more likely to wear down, changing their shape and potentially making them more vulnerable to breakage, or problems such as tooth decay.
  • Jaw problems – Over time, an incorrect bite can put a strain on our jaws and can lead to not only clicking and grinding of the jaw, but also quite severe pain and persistent headaches in some people. This is sometimes referred to as TMJ problems.

Treating an incorrect bite

Whilst, in some cases, missing teeth may need to be replaced, whether with dentures or dental implants, in order to promote an even bite; in many cases, this involves using orthodontics to straighten the teeth. Our principle dentist, Dr Melisha Govender, is an accredited Inman Aligner and Six Month Smiles practitioner, so you can be sure that you will be in good hands if you require orthodontic treatment at The Lodge Dental Suite.

If you are not familiar with the Inman Aligner or Six Month Smiles, you will be pleased to know that both of these orthodontic systems are not only fast acting, but are discreet too. These are generally used for the front visible teeth only, however, and, should you require more complex teeth straightening, for example at the rear of the mouth, then other systems like our ‘Clear Aligner’ may be more suitable.

The Clear Aligner is also highly discreet, and unlike many orthodontics, does not use wires and brackets to straighten the teeth, but uses a series of transparent alignment trays which are virtually invisible.

Straighter teeth not only look nicer (a good reason in itself), but make the teeth easier to keep clean and healthy and will help to avoid damage to other teeth in your mouth.

If you are concerned with how your teeth look, or if you have noticed any symptoms of occlusal problems, such as worn teeth or jaw discomfort, we recommend that you contact us to investigate an appropriate solution to the problem.

The Lodge Dental Suite in Cheshunt can be contacted by filling in the contact form on our website, or by calling us on 01992 643 388.