High Quality, Comfortable Dentures In Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

If you wish to replace missing teeth without a surgical procedure, dentures are an excellent choice.

There are many good arguments for using dental implants, rather than dentures, to replace any missing teeth that you might have. Strength, stability and longevity being some of the more obvious ones. Despite this though, there is little doubt that some patients simply do not wish to take up this option, perhaps due to the invasive nature of the treatment. In many cases, especially for older patients, dentures are still one of the most popular teeth replacement options.

At The Lodge Dental Suite, we see patients that travel to us from local areas such as Broxbourne, Cuffley and Goff’s Oak to have their dentures provided by us. We make sure that anyone who receives dentures at our Cheshunt practice is happy that their new dentures both look nice and offer a high level of functionality and comfort.

Types of dentures

Dentures are typically made of two main parts, a plate, which is usually made from acrylic or metal, and the replacement teeth. These are usually made from acrylic and will be provided in a shade that matches your natural teeth to enable them to blend in well, providing you with a natural looking smile.

Where a full arch of teeth have been lost, a full set of dentures will be used, but a partial denture can be provided where either a single or a few adjacent teeth have been lost.

Non invasive

One of the main appeals of dentures is that no invasive surgery is needed in order to have them and this may be more appealing to those who suffer dental anxiety. The dentures are made from impressions that are taken of the mouth which are then sent to a laboratory where the dentures are produced. Although no set of dentures can be as secure as implants, we make every effort to ensure that the dentures we supply are of a very high standard which helps to minimise any of the issues, such as slippage, more commonly associated with them.

Your choice

Whilst we are very happy to provide dentures for our patients, we do recommend that you consider dental implants as an alternative and we will be pleased to arrange a free consultation with you to discuss this. Implants do offer many advantages over dentures and are certainly worth considering. You will not be put under any pressure of course, and it will entirely be your decision which teeth replacement option you eventually choose.

To arrange your free consultation, or, if you have already decided that dentures are your preferred choice, please call The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643 388.