The ‘Snap On Smile’ As A Temporary Solution For Poor Teeth

How this convenient system can be used to enhance your smile

The Snap On Smile system provided here at The Lodge Dental Suite is an excellent way to improve your smile for those special occasions, without the need for corrective dental surgery.

Many patients from Cheshunt and Broxbourne have used it, with great success, for occasions such as weddings, holidays and even photo-shoots.

Whilst these types of occasions are the predominant reason that most people opt to have the ‘snap on smile’, some patients have asked us whether it can be used as a more permanent solution, for example to make up for missing teeth. Unfortunately this is not the case.

A temporary measure

Our Cheshunt dentists firmly believe that dental implants are the best option for replacing a missing tooth, or teeth where circumstances allow. Not only do they replace the tooth but also the root of a tooth. Because an implant it is placed into the jawbone, it replaces the natural tooth root and provides a secure base to attach a crown to. Its placement also means that bone loss in that area is minimised.

Having said that, we are aware that some people do not wish to have dental implants for various reasons and will want to consider other options, especially where a missing tooth is visible. We have discussed dentures and bridges in previous blogs, but, can a ‘snap on smile’ also be used for this purpose?

Suitable candidates

Providing that a patient has sufficient natural teeth to hold the ‘snap on smile‘ in place, it is possible to use it for this purpose – at least temporarily. There are a number of considerations though.

Firstly, the more teeth that are missing, the more pressure will be put upon the appliance. Where this is the case and the ‘snap on smile’ is worn for longer periods of time, it may weaken and even possibly fracture.

The ‘snap on smile’ is not made to be worn as a permanent solution to improve the appearance of your teeth, but is designed to be worn for a few hours at a time as mentioned above. So it is ideal for this purpose but not for continual wear.

Your lifestyle may also determine how you use it. If, for example, you work from home and perhaps venture out once a day to have a coffee and the occasional night out, this method may work for you, as long as you are happy to remove it once back home. If you work in a regular nine to five environment, where you come into regular contact with clients or work colleagues, we would suggest that this is not really a suitable long-term solution for you.


If your teeth are in poor condition,  our first objective will be to restore your dental health. Then we will be pleased to discuss longer term smile improvement treatments with you. It is essential that a thorough examination of your mouth takes place as well as a discussion as to your hopes and expectations, before the most suitable treatment plan is decided.

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