Teeth Whitening May Lead To More Than Just A Great Looking Smile!

A look at some of the ‘added benefits’ of having a teeth whitening procedure.

It is fair to say that the main reason for having a teeth whitening procedure is to get whiter teeth. That much is pretty obvious!

Whilst this is a more than worthwhile reason in itself, patients are often surprised by the additional benefits that it can sometimes offer.

So if you are considering having this popular cosmetic dental procedure at our Hertfordshire dental practice, but have yet to take the plunge, why not read on to see what else you might gain from it.

A warmer smile

There is little doubt that it is much nicer being greeted by a white smile than one that is dull or discoloured. Research has shown that we tend to respond positively to a nice smile and this can be to our advantage when we meet someone for the first time, whether this be a business or personal meeting.


Do you sometimes take a quick peek in the mirror before you go out to see how you look? Most people do. Imagine how much happier you might feel if you saw a set of attractive white teeth reflected back at you? We suspect that your self confidence will receive a boost after having your teeth whitened at The Lodge Dental Suite and many of our satisfied patients confirm this.

Healthier teeth

This one may come as a surprise to some people. Teeth whitening is a purely cosmetic procedure designed to make your teeth more attractive, not to restore them in any practical sense. It is however, quite likely that, with nicer looking teeth, you will take better care of them. If our teeth look old and discoloured, we may brush them but perhaps less conscientiously than we would if they were nice and white. Think about the different ways you treat an old tee shirt that you use for gardening and your favourite top? We suspect you may feel the same way about your new teeth.


OK, so we can’t promise that having whiter teeth will make you richer, and although it is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental procedures, there is a cost to it. However, that new white smile and the added confidence could just give you the edge if you are going for an interview. Sometimes, a little investment can go a long way.

Even if you don’t become rich and famous after having your teeth whitened, we are sure that you will be delighted with the new look of your teeth. It is a straightforward and painless procedure and we are happy to discuss any aspect of it and to answer any questions that you might have.

To arrange an appointment at our Cheshunt dental practice in Hertfordshire, please call us on 01992 643388. Your bright new smile is just around the corner!