Stained Teeth and How to Rectify the Problem

Restoring smiles for patients whose teeth are susceptible to staining.

“Why do some people have whiter teeth than mine, despite the fact that I brush daily?”

This is not an uncommon question for our dentists to hear from patients of The Lodge Dental Suite in Cheshunt, near Enfield.

The answer itself is likely to vary significantly from patient to patient, but could be due to a number of factors.


Some of our daily habits, and especially smoking, can contribute significantly to darker teeth.

The tar from cigarettes and other tobacco substances will inevitably stain them, and is, in fact, one of the worst culprits for this. Other common substances such as tea, coffee and red wine are also known to stain teeth.

The speed at which this occurs though can be put down, to some degree, to the quality of the enamel of a patient’s teeth. If, for example, they eat a lot of citrus fruit or drink carbonated beverages, the enamel of their teeth may be more porous and therefore more likely to stain easily.

Restoring the colour of your teeth

To bring your teeth back to the shade of white that you would like, there are two main methods available for our patients from the Enfield area.

The most common of these is the tooth whitening procedure. This is fast acting, giving almost instant results, is also entirely non invasive, and therefore ideal for nervous dental patients.

Whilst this works for the vast majority of our patients, there are some for whom this may not be the most effective approach.


For those with heavily stained teeth, or those whose teeth are chipped and cracked beyond easy repair, dental veneers may offer a better solution.

Dental veneers may also be a better option for those whose teeth are more susceptible to staining.

Instead of simply lightening the colour of the inner molecules of the teeth, as the teeth whitening procedure does, dental veneers are used to replace the front enamel of the tooth.

Although this procedure is more invasive, it will replace the more porous enamel of those with susceptible teeth with a non porous porcelain which should remain white throughout the life of the veneer.

If you would like to have whiter teeth but are unsure which process would be more suitable for you; we are happy to advise following an examination by our cosmetic dentist.

Please call us now for, for whiter teeth, on 01992 643 388.