Are Your Dentures Losing Their Grip?

Why dentures become loose and how we can help in Cheshunt.

When patients first have dentures fitted, it can seem like all the tales that you may have heard about loose fitting dentures were just myths.

Good quality dentures, combined with the skills of a dentist who makes sure that they fit correctly, will help you to have replacement teeth that are stable and don’t move around in the mouth, at least at first.

Most patients are likely to find their dentures fit well initially, but as they wear them for a while, they may find that they do start to move around a little. This can get worse as time progresses. The easiest solution is to blame the dentures, or even the dentist who fitted them. More often than not though, the problem lies beneath the surface of the gum, where the body is happily reabsorbing the bone that is no longer necessary to hold a tooth root in place.

Facial shape changes

As we lose teeth, the bone in the jaw is reabsorbed. The body is very good at adjusting and, as the bone in that area no longer has a purpose to fulfil, the minerals that make up the bone are absorbed and utilised by the body elsewhere. Whilst this might be beneficial to our health, it certainly isn’t for our appearance and also creates a problem for denture wearers who may find that their dentures now no longer fit as securely as they once did.

Facial shape changes caused by receding and shrinking bone can lead not only to ill fitting dentures, but also to a general ageing appearance. Avoiding this though, is entirely possible.

Dental implants

At The Lodge Dental Suite, we generally recommend that our patients from Cheshunt, Enfield and surrounding areas, seriously consider having dental implants to replace missing teeth. Although they may not be the least expensive option, they do provide you with very strong replacements for your natural teeth. In addition to this, the titanium ‘root’ that is placed into the jawbone is ‘seen’ by the body to replace a natural root and, consequently, bone re-absorption is minimised, preventing the your face from changing shape.

Using dental implants to stabilise dentures is also an effective way to reduce bone loss whilst also stopping your dentures from moving around in your mouth when you eat or speak. This will almost certainly help you to feel more confident and to eat without worrying about their stability.

If you would like to find out more about how our Cheshunt dentists use implants to provide patients with strong and bone saving replacement teeth, please call The Lodge Dental Suite today to arrange a consultation, on 01992 643388.