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Correcting Bite Problems

Dentists surgery

Orthodontic treatment with ‘invisible’ braces at our Cheshunt dental practice. Whilst many patients have orthodontic treatment at The Lodge Dental Suite in order to give them a great looking smile, there is another reason why having straight teeth is very

Minimal Inconvenience With Six Month Smiles

Dental braces that don’t have to be worn for years to achieve straight teeth Having crooked teeth is no fun. Not only does it make them harder to clean, thereby increasing the risk of decay and gum disease, but it

Safe And Speedy Teeth Straightening – Six Month Smiles Braces

Modern orthodontic systems – straighter teeth in shorter time. Having to wear dental braces at all can feel bad enough for some people, but to be told that you have to wear them for well over a year is certainly

Overcoming Problems With Metal Braces

Advances in adult orthodontics have been a game changer. For many people, the idea of having uneven teeth is preferable to having to wear traditional metal braces. Whilst this may be understandable, it does mean that they miss out on

Teeth Braces – An Enfield Patient Enquires About Fast Teeth Straightening

The use of modern orthodontics does not have to be a lengthy process. A recent question from one of our patients in Enfield addresses a concern that some people have when considering whether to have their teeth straightened or not.

Ask Us About – Teeth Straightening

Your questions answered by our Cheshunt and Enfield dental team. In our next few blogs, we will be taking a look at some of the questions that have been asked by  our patients from the Cheshunt and Enfield area. Whilst

Convenient Adult Braces Fitted Locally

It isn’t only teenagers who can benefit from discreet dental braces…. Dental braces have been around for a long time and are useful for straightening teeth for people of a range of ages. It is probable though, that most people

Invisible Braces for Waltham Abbey Patients

A closer look at the various teeth straightening options available at The Lodge Dental Suite. Having a set of whiter, even teeth, is high on many people’s wish list. At the end of the day, we all like to look

Using Clear Aligner to Straighten Uneven Teeth

Both convenient and discreet, this orthodontic system offers a great way to straighten teeth. Crooked teeth are common, and, for many years, the Americans, in particular have made fun of British teeth. Although this is obviously exaggerated for comedic purposes,

Fast Acting Adult Braces

Speeding up the tooth straightening procedure with modern orthodontics. Crooked teeth are something which the British seem to have a reputation for. Whether this is entirely deserved is debatable, but it is certainly likely that many of us, who, perhaps,