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Mouth Cancer Checks At The Lodge Dental Suite in Cheshunt

What signs do our dentists look for during your six monthly oral examinations? Oral cancer is a growing problem, with a rise in this sometimes fatal illness being seen around the world. Despite smoking being on the wane, other factors

Causes And Treatment Of A Dental Abscess

Our Cheshunt and Waltham Cross dental team are here to help treat this often painful problem. Anyone who has had a dental abscess will know just how painful they can sometimes be, although it is entirely possible to have an

The Risks Of Oral Piercings

Dentist Melisha Govender

Facial decorations are all the rage with teenagers, but could cause damage to your teeth and gums! Decorating the face has been common across cultures and ages. For many years in the UK, this was largely limited to the use

Dental Care Advice For University Students

Cheshunt dentist, Dr Melisha Govender, offers advice for first time students. Some of our Lodge Dental Suite patients will currently be in the process of choosing which university to go to, or be preparing to relocate to one if they

Don’t Gamble With Your Health!

Neglecting teeth and gums may lead to other serious conditions. When everything is going OK in our lives, many of us likely have a tendency to presume that this will always be the case. This isn’t always a bad thing,

Should You Be Concerned About Mouth Sores?

Regular mouth sores? Get a check-up by one of our Cheshunt dentists. Mouth sores are not uncommon, and usually not especially serious either. Despite that, they can both be very unsightly and also quite uncomfortable, depending on their precise location.

Did You Know?

Some weird and wonderful facts about our teeth! A great looking smile is something to be cherished, and our extensive range of cosmetic treatments can help you to have nice looking teeth. There is more to teeth than aesthetics though,

Reduce Tooth Enamel Damage Through Dietary Changes

Just a few simple changes in what we eat and drink will help to protect our tooth enamel. It may sometimes appear that dentists want us all to eat a ‘perfect diet’; one that is free from sugar. We only

Remineralisation Of Teeth

The role of modern toothpastes. Along with tooth whitening toothpastes, you may have seen advertisements for toothpastes that claim to ‘remineralise’ teeth. Whilst the claims may seem quite impressive, we suspect that quite a few people will not actually understand

Don’t Like Seeing The Dentist?

Here are some very good reasons why you really should! At The Lodge Dental Suite, as at every other practice in the world most likely, we often meet patients who really don’t like the dentist; not in a personal way