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Preparing Young Children For Their Dental Visit

Dental nurse, Anna Fejfer offers some helpful advice to parents of nervous children. Going to the dentist for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience for some people. This is especially so when you are very young and

How Important Are Milk Teeth?

Care of our first teeth is important, for many different reasons. A recent study found that many parents believed that their child’s first teeth were not that important, and that it was only when adult teeth come through that real

Hypodontia – Causes and Treatment

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How our Cheshunt dentists can help patients with this condition. Hypodontia is a condition which is usually inherited and leads to the lack of development of some of the patient’s teeth. It usually involves missing up to 5 permanent teeth,

Encouraging Your Kids To Look After Their Teeth

Some family friendly tooth care tips from The Lodge Dental Suite, Cheshunt All parents know just how disobedient children can sometimes be. From the defiant tantrums of a toddler to the more subtle ‘avoidance tactics’ of older children, it can

Dental Phobia Can Start From A Young Age

The importance of early years care at your Cheshunt children’s dentist. Dental phobia is relatively common and it is probably fair to say that we look forward to seeing our patients, more than some look forward to seeing us! Even