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Are Your Dentures Losing Their Grip?

Why dentures become loose and how we can help in Cheshunt. When patients first have dentures fitted, it can seem like all the tales that you may have heard about loose fitting dentures were just myths. Good quality dentures, combined

High Quality, Comfortable Dentures In Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

The Lodge Dental Suite

If you wish to replace missing teeth without a surgical procedure, dentures are an excellent choice. There are many good arguments for using dental implants, rather than dentures, to replace any missing teeth that you might have. Strength, stability and

Why Cleaning Your Dentures Is Important

Dentures and gum health Although there are alternatives to dentures in the form of bridges and dental implants, many patients of The Lodge Dental Suite still opt to have them to replace their missing teeth. There are good reasons for

Are Dentures Still A Good Option To Replace Lost Teeth?

The Lodge Dental Suite team offer thoughts on this traditional technique. Although the first set of dentures, or false teeth as they are called by some, were first used around 700BC, they are still around today, albeit as a far