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When Botox Goes Wrong (and why you shouldn’t worry)….

Why have some celebrities had facial treatments that went badly wrong? If you mentioned the word ‘Botox’ to a random person in the street, it is likely that they would tell you about some famous person who had been left

Ease Those Lines And Wrinkles In Time For Spring!

Facial aesthetic treatments for our Cheshunt patients. Has the recent cold weather taken it’s toll on the appearance and condition of your skin ? We are often warned about the dangers that the summer sun can have on our skin.

Some Tips For Better Looking Skin

As Winter approaches, our skin can suffer if we do not take care. After what has, by British standards, been a good summer, with plenty of sunlight and warm weather, many of us are bracing ourselves for the reality of

The Sun And Your Skin – Facial Aesthetics

Avoiding wrinkles and restoring smooth skin in Cheshunt and Enfield It isn’t often that we get to write about hot weather in this country, but, as we seem to be going through a mini heatwave as we write this latest