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Do ‘Targeted’ Toothpastes Really Work?

Our Cheshunt team look at this growing industry. Even the most casual observer can’t help but have noticed that specific toothpaste advertising on TV is on the increase. Even major supermarkets now stock some of the more ‘niche’ ones such

The Importance Of Interdental Cleaning

Taking care to clean those difficult to access places in our mouth. Whilst it may not be true for everyone, most of us do brush our teeth twice a day. Whilst this is the most basic thing that we can

Why You Should Avoid Rinsing After Cleaning Your Teeth

Fluoride absorption is a key factor in keeping tooth enamel strong and healthy. Most of us will have been taught how to clean our teeth by our parents and in all likelihood, this will have consisted of brush, spit and

What’s That White Substance On My Teeth?

Our Cheshunt dentist answers a commonly searched question. Have you ever woken up in the morning and found that there appears to be an unpleasant ‘gunk’ that has built up around your teeth and on the soft tissues of your

The Importance of Saliva

The Lodge Dental Suite

Staying well hydrated can help you to avoid gum disease and decay. Saliva isn’t something that we talk about very often, We all have it, but it generally isn’t a topic that would be discussed at a social occasion. Despite

Halitosis and its Causes

If you have bad breath, it may be down to more than your diet alone! Having bad, or even foul smelling, breath is difficult to detect yourself, but you can be sure that others will know that you have it.

Oral Health Screening

Prevention is always better than a cure. No one actually enjoys having an invasive dental procedure, yet many people end up having to have fillings or extractions simply due to neglect of their teeth and gums. Over time, it is

Brushing is Key to Good Oral Health

How to brush your teeth and what will happen if you don’t. For all the advances in modern dental care, good oral health still largely comes down to one factor, and that is a good brushing routine. Flossing too is