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Immediate Dental Implant Aftercare

Giving your newly placed implants the best start for a long, healthy life. Whilst you will need to look after your dental implants for life, there are particular circumstances that need to be taken into consideration immediately after you have

Are Dental Implants The Right Choice For You?

A look at the ‘gold standard’ teeth replacement method and some alternatives. When patients come to The Lodge Dental Suite and ask us what we recommend to replace their missing teeth, we generally suggest that dental implants should be considered

Dental Implants – Rear Teeth

It is not just the visible teeth that matter. These days. you don’t tend to see too many people walking around the high streets of Enfield and Waltham Cross with visibly missing front teeth. Few people would accept this and

Dental Implants and Bone Integration

Why dental implants offer the strongest tooth replacement option. If you have not yet lost an adult tooth, you may not have even heard of dental implants, and, like many people, believe that dentures are the only option available when

Dental Implants for Older Patients in Hertfordshire

Why age should not be a barrier to a full set of teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is sometimes thought to be the preserve of young adults who want to make the best of their appearance, perhaps for relationship or career purposes;

Are Cheap Dental Implants an Option?

Looking at ‘special offers’ for dental implants placed abroad. With dental implants becoming an increasingly popular option to replace missing teeth; it perhaps isn’t surprising that we are seeing an increasing number of people advertising cheap dental implants. Many of

Preparing for your Dental Implant Procedure

Advice from Lodge Dental Suite’s implant dentist. Having taken the decision to have a dental implant placed to replace a lost or missing tooth; it makes sense to ensure that you are fully prepared for the procedure ahead. Much of

Looking After Your Dental Implants

How to get your dental implants off to the best possible start. Having dental implants placed is now widely considered to be the best approach to replacing those missing or lost teeth that would once have been replaced with dentures.

An Introduction to Dental Implants

Why implants are becoming increasingly popular with our Cheshunt patients. Perhaps surprisingly, dental implants have been around for thousands of years. Early implants were very crude attempts to mimic a missing tooth and were often made from pieces of stone