Month: April 2015

Keeping Your Teeth White and Healthy

Already have a great smile? Let us help you to keep it that way. A lot of our blog posts discuss dental problems and whilst some of these relate to damage and infection, others discuss cosmetic dental issues. What though,

Stained Teeth and How to Rectify the Problem

Restoring smiles for patients whose teeth are susceptible to staining. “Why do some people have whiter teeth than mine, despite the fact that I brush daily?” This is not an uncommon question for our dentists to hear from patients of

Restoring Broken Teeth

Prompt action is key to restoring a broken tooth. It can be a sickening feeling when you feel a tooth break. Although the tooth may have been previously weakened by poor oral care or a previous knock, even healthy teeth

Visiting the Dentist is Not What it Used to Be

The Lodge Dental Suite

Lodge Dental offer a caring and up-to-date dental experience. Those of us who are old enough will be able to remember what visits to the dentist used to be like. The waiting room and surgery area were always cold and