Month: June 2015

A Sunnier Way to Healthier Gums

As Summer finally (nearly!) arrives, there may be unexpected benefits for oral health. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK. This is a fact that many people are unaware of; often presuming that it is,

Whitening Your Teeth the Safe Way

Legislation now ensures that only professionals can carry out this procedure. Until relatively recently, there was a surge in the number of businesses setting up on the high streets of Waltham Abbey and beyond, offering shoppers the chance to ‘pop

Confidence and Your Oral Health

Regular dental care – more important than you might think. When we think about it, the mouth actually takes up but a small part of the human body. Yet, despite the fact that much of the media focuses on other

High Sugar Diets – The Sure Way to have Rotten Teeth

Hidden sugars may contribute significantly to poor oral health. Do you watch TV cookery programmes? If you do, you will probably have noticed that very few chefs stick to health guidelines about fats and sugars and, instead, put large amounts

Using Clear Aligner to Straighten Uneven Teeth

Both convenient and discreet, this orthodontic system offers a great way to straighten teeth. Crooked teeth are common, and, for many years, the Americans, in particular have made fun of British teeth. Although this is obviously exaggerated for comedic purposes,