Month: September 2015

Using Our Dental Plan for Great Oral Health Care

The benefits of using the new monthly plans available at The Lodge Dental Suite. For many years, dental care was largely only available, for the majority of people, on the NHS with private dentistry only being an option for the

Dealing with Sporting Facial Injuries

damage to teeth from sport

How our North London dental practice can help to restore a damaged smile. With the Rugby world cup now underway, we thought it would be an appropriate time to take a look at dental care when playing sports. Whilst some

Free Smile Consultation in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Curious how we can improve your smile? Take advantage of our free consultation. As Summer starts to draw to its conclusion, it can sometimes make us feel a bit grey and drab, often like the weather in this country. This

Brushing is Key to Good Oral Health

How to brush your teeth and what will happen if you don’t. For all the advances in modern dental care, good oral health still largely comes down to one factor, and that is a good brushing routine. Flossing too is