Month: October 2015

Dental Implants and Bone Integration

Why dental implants offer the strongest tooth replacement option. If you have not yet lost an adult tooth, you may not have even heard of dental implants, and, like many people, believe that dentures are the only option available when

A Blow to the Teeth

It can happen to the best of us, but what are the likely results and how do we deal with it? There are many professions in life where accidents to the facial region can occur. Many of these are in

Stoptober – Can you Stop Smoking?

A polite challenge to our long term smoking patients at the Lodge Dental Suite This month has been designated as ’Stoptober’ by Public Health England, and is a month focussed on encouraging more and more people to stop smoking in

Pregnancy and Your Oral Health

Looking at some of the dental problems that expectant mums might experience. Expecting a child can be joyous but at the same time, quite trying. The experience varies and whilst some women enjoy the experience of being pregnant, other simply