Month: December 2015

Avoiding Christmas Dental Problems

A few tips from The Lodge Dental Suite team to ensure a trouble free Christmas. Most people love Christmas; the friends, family and sometimes over consumption of food, often followed by Christmas TV programmes or a snooze on the sofa.

Dental Implants – Rear Teeth

It is not just the visible teeth that matter. These days. you don’t tend to see too many people walking around the high streets of Enfield and Waltham Cross with visibly missing front teeth. Few people would accept this and

Halitosis and its Causes

If you have bad breath, it may be down to more than your diet alone! Having bad, or even foul smelling, breath is difficult to detect yourself, but you can be sure that others will know that you have it.

Does Severe Teeth Staining Have to be Permanent?

How patients can improve the whiteness of their teeth at The Lodge Dental Suite. Most patients will have seen advertisements for whitening toothpastes on the TV, and perhaps even tried them. The chances are though, unless you were looking for