Month: May 2016

Ask Us About – Teeth Straightening

Your questions answered by our Cheshunt and Enfield dental team. In our next few blogs, we will be taking a look at some of the questions that have been asked by  our patients from the Cheshunt and Enfield area. Whilst

Root Canal Work

Should you be afraid of this often misunderstood dental treatment? Being told that you need a root canal procedure is not something many people want to hear. In fact, the very words can strike fear into even the bravest patients.

Facial Aesthetics Treatment For Men And Women

Both sexes can benefit from our popular skin smoothing treatments. Whilst some cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening, are common in men, there can sometimes be a perception that facial aesthetic treatments are only widely used by women. Whilst

A New Smile For The Summer

Fast acting solutions for an attractive new look! That large ball of brightness in the sky (the sun!) may not last for many days at a time in this country, but, when it appears around this time of year, many

Treatment And Prevention Of Gum Disease In Hertfordshire

Six monthly appointments with our Cheshunt dentists are key to having a healthy mouth. We are pragmatic enough to know that quite a lot of people don’t really like to visit the dentist even though modern equipment and procedures makes