Month: June 2016

Ask The Dentist – Temporary Fillings

Are shop bought dental fillings OK to use as a permanent solution? Today’s question comes from an Waltham Abbey patient who has used a temporary filling from her chemist and wants to know if that is sufficient. Q. Hello,  I

Ask The Dentist – Whiter Teeth

A Hertfordshire patient asks if it is too late for her to have whiter teeth. In the next of our ‘ask the dentist’ series, our team at The Lodge Dental Suite answers a patient whose teeth have sustained severe staining

Ask The Dentist – Dry Mouth

Dentists surgery

A patient asks whether a dry mouth could be an oral health issue. The next in our series of questions comes from a Waltham Cross dental patient who asks about having a dry mouth and whether this can be improved

Ask The Dentist – ‘Craze Lines’

The Lodge Dental Suite

A patient asks our Cheshunt dentist about hairline cracks on her teeth. In this patient’s question, we take a look at restoring a healthy, but unsightly, tooth to its former glory. Q. I have always looked after my teeth and

Ask The Dentist – About Cosmetic Dentistry

A new local resident asks about the benefits of cosmetic treatments Continuing our ‘ask a dentist’ series with a question from a new patient who has just moved into the area. Q. I moved to Waltham Cross a few weeks