Month: October 2016

Sensitive Teeth

Looking at possible reasons why some people suffer from sensitive teeth. Having teeth that are sensitive to hot or cold is relatively common. For some, the discomfort is relatively minor, whilst for others, it can be very painful indeed. There

Clear Aligner – A New Way To Straighten Teeth in Enfield, Hertfordshire

A discreet, comfortable, convenient and modern orthodontic system. The wearing of dental braces is generally something that most people hope to avoid. Memories of metal braces on schoolchildren, and the taunting that sometimes went with it, still lingers in the

Personalised Teeth Whitening For Our Hertfordshire Patients

How our whitening systems allow you to choose your shade. When discussing cosmetic dental treatments with patients at The Lodge Dental Suite, one of the questions which frequently pops up is whether having a teeth whitening procedure necessarily means having

Some Tips For Better Looking Skin

As Winter approaches, our skin can suffer if we do not take care. After what has, by British standards, been a good summer, with plenty of sunlight and warm weather, many of us are bracing ourselves for the reality of