Year: 2017

Ditch The Fads In The New Year To Help Keep Your Teeth Healthy

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‘Crazes’ come and go but you can’t beat sensible dental care! There is rarely a day goes by without some new ‘wonder’ food or ‘miracle’ cure appearing, often endorsed by a celebrity. Unfortunately, although some of these may be broadcast

Keeping A Healthy Smile At Christmas

Protecting your teeth and gums during festive indulgence! Christmas is a time to be happy and have fun. Families get together, sometimes for the only time during the year. This can bring a lot of happiness for many people, but

Icy Pavements And The Risk To Your Teeth

damage to teeth from sport

Freezing conditions are likely to lead to an increase in emergency dental appointments in Cheshunt Whether this current cold snap is a one off or something which may well occur a number of times before the winter is over, it

Don’t Ignore Early Warning Signs Of Dental Pain

Turning a blind eye to minor niggles can lead to more serious problems later on. It is, perhaps, human nature to put our heads in the sand when a problem arises. Sometimes we may do this very temporarily before acknowledging

Internet Advice And Your Teeth

Why DIY dentistry is almost always a very bad idea. What is the first thing that you do if you feel unwell, or suspect that there is something wrong with your teeth? You probably go straight online to try to

Dental Implants For Missing Back Teeth

Even though they may not be very visible, our rear teeth are still important. It is only when we laugh out loud that people are likely to see our rear teeth (apart from your dentist, of course!) Because of this,

Teeth Whitening May Lead To More Than Just A Great Looking Smile!

A look at some of the ‘added benefits’ of having a teeth whitening procedure. It is fair to say that the main reason for having a teeth whitening procedure is to get whiter teeth. That much is pretty obvious! Whilst

The ‘Snap On Smile’ As A Temporary Solution For Poor Teeth

How this convenient system can be used to enhance your smile The Snap On Smile system provided here at The Lodge Dental Suite is an excellent way to improve your smile for those special occasions, without the need for corrective

Taking care following a dental procedure in Cheshunt

Some key points to consider. Virtually all dental procedures involve some type of intervention with the natural state of your teeth; a check up being about the only one that doesn’t. Our experienced Cheshunt dentists will always do whatever they

High Quality, Comfortable Dentures In Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

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If you wish to replace missing teeth without a surgical procedure, dentures are an excellent choice. There are many good arguments for using dental implants, rather than dentures, to replace any missing teeth that you might have. Strength, stability and