Month: January 2017

Safe And Speedy Teeth Straightening – Six Month Smiles Braces

Modern orthodontic systems – straighter teeth in shorter time. Having to wear dental braces at all can feel bad enough for some people, but to be told that you have to wear them for well over a year is certainly

Dietary Regimes And Your Teeth

What we eat can affect our teeth and it isn’t just sugar! From a very young age, we are told that sugar is bad for our teeth. Perhaps though, at that age, the desire for sugar is much stronger than

Ask Our Dentist – Severe Teeth Staining

A Cuffley patient asks whether her teeth are a lost cause. Occasionally, we receive emails from patients which we feel address concerns that many people would benefit from reading. We recently received the following one from a patient from nearby

What To Expect From Dental Implants

What should realistic expectations be of this popular tooth replacement procedure? Because dental implant placement is an invasive procedure, and one that needs to be budgeted, it is not unsurprising that potential patients want to be fully informed of the