Month: March 2017

Bad Habits That Can Lead To Dental Problems

Dentists surgery

Our Cheshunt dentists discuss how lifestyle choices can affect our oral health. We are not here to judge people, or to moralise and we’re sure that any regular patient of The Lodge Dental Suite would happily tell you that. As

Five Reasons To Have Teeth Straightened Using The Inman Aligner System

Inman Aligner - Straight Teeth

Fast acting modern orthodontics at our Cheshunt dental practice. Selecting the right method to straighten a patient’s teeth can only be done by a qualified dentist, such as those in the experienced team at The Lodge Dental Suite. There are

Missed Dental Appointments

Regular dental checks in Cheshunt help to keep teeth strong and healthy. There may be occasions where a patient is unable to keep a dental appointment. For example, if you have a viral infection such as a cold or flu,

Removing A Badly Damaged Or Decaying Tooth

How we carry out a tooth extraction at The Lodge Dental Suite in Cheshunt. Although there are many treatments available to save a damaged or decaying tooth; fillings, crowns and root canal treatment being some of the more obvious, there