Month: April 2018

The Importance Of Interdental Cleaning

Taking care to clean those difficult to access places in our mouth. Whilst it may not be true for everyone, most of us do brush our teeth twice a day. Whilst this is the most basic thing that we can

Hypodontia – Causes and Treatment

Dentists surgery

How our Cheshunt dentists can help patients with this condition. Hypodontia is a condition which is usually inherited and leads to the lack of development of some of the patient’s teeth. It usually involves missing up to 5 permanent teeth,

Are Loose Dentures Restricting Your Diet?

How our Cheshunt patients can benefit from denture stabilisation. Anybody who has had a number of missing teeth, or even a full arch, replaced with dentures, will be aware of some of the limitations that they bring. Modern dentures may

Why You Should Avoid Rinsing After Cleaning Your Teeth

Fluoride absorption is a key factor in keeping tooth enamel strong and healthy. Most of us will have been taught how to clean our teeth by our parents and in all likelihood, this will have consisted of brush, spit and

The Vegan Diet And Your Teeth

Even the ‘healthiest’ of diets can pose challenges for your teeth. With around half a million people in the UK following a vegan diet, and many more perhaps partially following it with a view to fully adapting the diet if