Month: May 2018

Looking For The ‘Wow’ Factor?

A great smile can help you really stand out from the crowd in Cheshunt! Although, above all else, it is important to have healthy teeth and gums, there is little doubt that also having a beautiful looking smile is a

Do You Have A Missing Front Tooth?

Don’t hide your smile! See what our Cheshunt dentists can do to help. Tooth loss is not uncommon, but when it is a front tooth that is missing, it can have a very dramatic effect on your appearance. The front

Remineralisation Of Teeth

The role of modern toothpastes. Along with tooth whitening toothpastes, you may have seen advertisements for toothpastes that claim to ‘remineralise’ teeth. Whilst the claims may seem quite impressive, we suspect that quite a few people will not actually understand

Don’t Like Seeing The Dentist?

Here are some very good reasons why you really should! At The Lodge Dental Suite, as at every other practice in the world most likely, we often meet patients who really don’t like the dentist; not in a personal way