Month: June 2018

Should You Be Concerned About Mouth Sores?

Regular mouth sores? Get a check-up by one of our Cheshunt dentists. Mouth sores are not uncommon, and usually not especially serious either. Despite that, they can both be very unsightly and also quite uncomfortable, depending on their precise location.

Keeping Your Teeth Clean Whilst Wearing Braces

Additional care when undergoing orthodontic treatment Taking care of your teeth and gums, making sure to keep them clean at all times is very important. This becomes even more so when you have to wear braces to straighten your teeth.

Did You Know?

Some weird and wonderful facts about our teeth! A great looking smile is something to be cherished, and our extensive range of cosmetic treatments can help you to have nice looking teeth. There is more to teeth than aesthetics though,

Reduce Tooth Enamel Damage Through Dietary Changes

Just a few simple changes in what we eat and drink will help to protect our tooth enamel. It may sometimes appear that dentists want us all to eat a ‘perfect diet’; one that is free from sugar. We only

How Important Are Milk Teeth?

Care of our first teeth is important, for many different reasons. A recent study found that many parents believed that their child’s first teeth were not that important, and that it was only when adult teeth come through that real