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Why You Should Avoid Rinsing After Cleaning Your Teeth

Fluoride absorption is a key factor in keeping tooth enamel strong and healthy. Most of us will have been taught how to clean our teeth by our parents and in all likelihood, this will have consisted of brush, spit and

The Vegan Diet And Your Teeth

Even the ‘healthiest’ of diets can pose challenges for your teeth. With around half a million people in the UK following a vegan diet, and many more perhaps partially following it with a view to fully adapting the diet if

Lifestyle Choices That Can Discolour Your Teeth

Even some everyday habits can cause our teeth to become yellow. Even though many people have now managed to give up smoking, eliminating not only a dangerous habit, but one that causes very badly stained teeth; there are still a

Immediate Dental Implant Aftercare

Giving your newly placed implants the best start for a long, healthy life. Whilst you will need to look after your dental implants for life, there are particular circumstances that need to be taken into consideration immediately after you have

Encouraging Your Kids To Look After Their Teeth

sugar and kids teeth

Some family friendly tooth care tips from The Lodge Dental Suite, Cheshunt All parents know just how disobedient children can sometimes be. From the defiant tantrums of a toddler to the more subtle ‘avoidance tactics’ of older children, it can

What’s That White Substance On My Teeth?

oral health check

Our Cheshunt dentist answers a commonly searched question. Have you ever woken up in the morning and found that there appears to be an unpleasant ‘gunk’ that has built up around your teeth and on the soft tissues of your

Discreet, And Near Invisible Teeth Straightening

invisible braces

Clear Aligners for a more comfortable teeth straightening experience in Cheshunt You may have considered having your teeth straightened in the past, but have been put off the idea by the thought of having to wear dental braces. Perhaps a

Restoring An Infected Tooth In Cheshunt

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Why root canal treatment is used to preserve an infected tooth. Root canal treatment is used when the inner parts of a tooth become infected. Without this type of treatment, the tooth would very likely need to be extracted, which

Our Valentine’s Day Dental Proposal

Loving your mouth is straightforward – here’s a reminder how! With Valentine’s day rapidly approaching, we thought that this would be a good time to revisit the way that you look after your oral health. Whilst complex dental procedures are

Are Your Dentures Losing Their Grip?

Why dentures become loose and how we can help in Cheshunt. When patients first have dentures fitted, it can seem like all the tales that you may have heard about loose fitting dentures were just myths. Good quality dentures, combined